About Fashionably Safe

My name is Sage Legree, and I am the founder of FashionablySafe.com. I started the company in 2006, and since then we’ve been rapidly growing due not only to our high-quality products and up-to-date safety information we provide but also because of our devotion to what we do, which indeed shows.


Unfortunately, I grew up watching women in my life be victims of abuse and creating Fashionably Safe was my way of contributing to the solution of this problem.

I am now proud to say that we’ve helped thousands of women be a bit safer out there while not compromising their personal style. If you are also looking for a way to be both safe and fashionable, you should know we created this company with you in mind!

What We Do:


FashionablySafe.com is an online platform offering women of all ages stylish safety products and the latest information about the importance of self-defense. On our website, you can find all kinds of safety items – from stun guns and pepper sprays to tasers and personal alarms – all with beautiful, feminine designs.


Buying from FashionablySafe.com means taking advantage of:


  • The perfect balance between keeping yourself safe and never cheating on your personal style


  • A variety of high-quality products at great prices


  • Options for parties, public talks and one-on-one safety consultations that may save your life


  • Excellent customer support



At FashionabySafe.com, we are devoted to helping women take control of their physical and personal safety.

How We Can Work Together:

Simple – just browse through the different categories on FashionablySafe.com and choose the product that most fits your needs and tastes.


You can also hire us for public talks on the importance of safety, as well as for one-on-one safety consultations.



Have any questions? We’d love to help out – contact us here.


Safety is always in fashion – be safe out there, with FashionablySafe.com.



Killeen, TX 76549



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