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Who We Are is an online platform offering women of all ages stylish safety products and the latest information about the importance of self-defense.


On our website, you can find all kinds of safety items – from stun guns and pepper sprays to diversion safes and personal alarms – all with beautiful, unique designs.​


Buying from means taking advantage of: The perfect balance between keeping yourself safe and never cheating on your personal style. A variety of high-quality products at great prices .


At, we are devoted to helping women take control of their physical and personal safety.

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What we do

We offer very real defensive products (stun guns, pepper spray, diversion safes, kubatons and personal alarms) disguised as innocent, everyday items such as lipsticks, key chains, cell phones, and more. Many of these items appear harmless at first glance, which not only makes our products female-friendly, but also offers an advantage (the element of surprise) over would be attackers.
Our products are fashionable and functional, and whether you are a woman refusing to be a victim, or a man wanting to provide safety for the women and children in your life, Fashionably Safe has something for everyone.
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